Hope In Madagascar

Our final tally this week showed we raised a total of $36,400, used in the following ways:

$2,500 – Kids in school

$11,000 – Youth centre

$11,900 – Vehicle

$2,500 – To sponsor mums and dads to work for CSM

$500 – Paint for the children’s home kitchen & staff rooms

$8000 – Kitchen and storage/staff room for the Children’s home

Thank you for the part you are playing as we have an incredible impact on the Malagasy people. The funds for the vehicle in particular are really going to transform CSM’s ministry in saving thousands of dollars in transportation costs and the convenience of having a vehicle to transport volunteers (including the teams we take over).

When in Madagascar we visited the houses of some of Northside’s sponsor children and what an experience that was. Small two metre square homes sometimes housing up to 10 people. One particular house was home to 6 people – a family not dissimilar to my own actually, parents with 4 kids (one girl). Mum washes clothes for about $1 per day, Dad transports water to people’s homes for less than 10c each bucket. They have four children: Mbolatiana (14yrs), Manitra (12 yrs), Sarika (9yrs, only girl), Jean de dieu (7yrs).

Because of Northside, these children are now able to attend their local school and Manitra now dreams of becoming a doctor! We have the privilege of turning these children’s lives around by giving them the simple opportunity of education that is so readily available to us over here. What a blessing to share that we can bring hope to their world for a new future beyond what they had imagined!

Sarah Anderson

Children’s and Family Pastor