Happy ‘Straya Day!

Tomorrow is the day when we celebrate this wonderful country we call home! (For a Kiwi, that’s a big statement to make!). Through barbeques, beaches and sunshine we reflect on the incredible privileges we have to live in a nation with such freedom. On Australia Day we also celebrate and honour many influential Australians for their achievements.

There are so many influential Australians who may never appear on those lists and when I think of those in my life I’m reminded of one in particular.

Mama Ketshi, 95 year old Beryl Harris, was a missionary in the Congo when I was born there and has been an adopted grandmother in many ways. She’s an incredibly Godly lady who has encouraged me, listened to me, prayed for me and modelled a character devoted to becoming more like Jesus. She has lived a life dedicated to God and His service and has shared endless stories that wrestle in her every day life both here and in the Congo. I am always inspired by her integrity, commitment to God and her character and still love catching up with her today!

As we’ve been journeying through this sermon series I’ve found myself reminded of those who have inspired my character formation over the years. Obviously Jesus is our perfect example, but he gave us others who are living this out to share the journey and wrestles with. We learn so much from others who have gone before us and the wisdom and insight they have gleaned along the way.

What might this year look like if you had a community around you where you can be vulnerable, share the journey and be encouraged in growing your character?

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