Happy New Year//

The L.A. Times reported that researchers had done a study of a Phenomenon called Decision Fatigue.

It occurs when we have to make too many decisions at once and as a result we become tired, make poor decisions or are paralysed in making any choices at all!

This year, Jesus can help us overcome Decision Fatigue by focusing on just one key choice. That is to either:

Come and See; or
Come and Follow.

What will you decide as we start 2017?

You can…

Come and See: Find out about Jesus and the Church for a while

Check out our Sunday Services for a while

Register your interest for Christianity Explained

Join us at our next Inside Northside afternoon tea

Join others to discuss the Bible at Exchange or Explore

Ask one of the Ministry Team about Christianity

Come and Follow: Make a decision to follow Jesus deeper in 2017

Join a Connection Group

Move into deep levels of service for God

Engage in some regular Bible study or devotional time

Consider working with the Ministry Team to start a new ministry

Explore options to take the message of Jesus into the world around you

Consider Baptism

As we come to each fork in the road for the year ahead, we can simply ask: How would Jesus lead MY LIFE if he were I?

Christianity is the adventure of a lifetime, and Jesus invites you into it this year. Just Come and See or Come and Follow…

As we head into 2017, we encourage you to make the decision to make one step closer to God, wherever you are at.

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