Happy Australia Day

Australia Day is one of my favourite days as it invariably seems to evoke a stronger sense of community, co-operation, tolerance and goodwill among the citizens of our nation. True, these emotions may only be short lived but at least for this concentrated period they become very apparent.

My favourite pastimes on Australia Day include going to Kirribilli to watch events on the harbour and soak up the atmosphere; heading into the CBD to wander through the classic car display and braving the crowds in Darling Harbour to take in the fireworks! Bev and I have done them all (as most of you have) and each activity, in its own way, brings a lot of happiness and a feeling of “Aussie Pride”. Last year was one of our best ever when we were given the opportunity to go onto the harbour to watch the annual ferry race. It was fantastic!

Falling on a Sunday, as it does this year, gives us the opportunity to reflect more intentionally on the enormous benefits and blessings of living in Australia; to be thankful to God for our rich heritage and the opportunities (and responsibilities) we have to bless other nations.

Today is a great day to do what Paul encouraged young Timothy to do in 1 Timothy 2:1: “I urge that petitions, prayers, requests and thanksgiving be offered to God for kings and all in authority…” – and I’m sure that includes our political leaders! Australia is going through a period of significant social change on many fronts and we need to be diligent in our prayer support of those in positions of influence…

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