God’s Love In The World

I wonder if you think of yourself as a missionary? How do you even define a missionary? Is it something that makes you squirm and pass to someone else?

I think of mission as the communication of God’s love to those around us and can take many different forms. Sometimes we think we have to go to a foreign land or people group, even complete a training course in order to be missional. Sure, some are called to that type of opportunity but we are all God’s sent ones called to shine His light to those around us. God has put you where you are and given you all you need because there are people around you that He wants to reach through you.

In our society today it can be surprising how far a little genuine love or generosity goes…a simple meal, a card, a “hello” and even remembering a name goes a long way! Through one conversation at a time, one relationship at a time our influence has potential for God’s love to be revealed wherever we may be.

At Northside there are many equally important opportunities we have to be a part of bringing God’s love to the world collectively whether it’s here in Sydney, out in Bathurst or overseas.
We are already planning our September trip to Madagascar and if you are thinking about coming along this year or want to hear more about what we’ll be doing we would love you to join us here at Northside on Monday 7th April, 7:30-9pm for an information evening.

How will we think and live like God’s agents for change in the everyday rhythms of our lives, wherever we are?


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