God as your Abba//

The word “father” has the ability to conjure up a myriad of images for people. For some, “father” is accompanied by happy memories and laughter. For others, pain, loss or rejection are brought to mind. This is why it is so important for us to remind ourselves not only that God is our Father, but He is a good Father.

God the Father loves you; it’s really that straightforward. He loves you, quite simply, because it is His nature.

There are numerous verses in the Bible that make reference to our relationship with God; He is our Father and we are His children. In the relationship between the prodigal son and the father we see God’s heart to embrace us (Luke 15). Through the illustration of the sparrow we see that we have a God who longs to care for us (Matthew 10). In the story of the lost sheep we observe a God who relentlessly pursues us (Luke 15). And Romans 8:15 goes so far as to refer to God as our Abba Father, a term expressing warm affection.

When you begin to view God as your Abba, you see Him not only as the creator of the universe but as the creator of you. The One who didn’t create and leave, but the One who created you, sent His Son so you could have a relationship with Him and left us with the Holy Spirit to guide us.

The two truths that have the power of transforming not only your mind but your life are, that you are a beloved child of God and God is a good, good Father. What would change in your life today if you were to choose to see God as your Abba Father?