Feedback From Conference Clients

From a major B2C finance provider……”Always happy to refer such a fantastic venue with an amazing BDM!!”

From a leader in property software…”Nobody reaches your standard of customer service – makes it tough to use different venues who treat us just like any other client!”

From a major government institution… “Annie, Geoff, Janabel and Rich were all very helpful and courteous. Their friendly demeanour made our stay very enjoyable. I’ll forward your contact details to my network of event organisers and let them know the excellent service you provided and the venue’s good points.”

From a well respected presenter in the property industry… “I just wanted to say a big thank you, on behalf of the entire team, for another amazing function. You are a perfect host and always make our events a success. Please let me know if I can ever provide any testimonials for you. See you in a few weeks!”

From a major publicly listed company… “Please pass on a massive thanks to your wonderful team. Great venue and even better staff – made my day so easy!”

Our mission at the Conference Centre is to deliver excellent customer service, not because it is an extension of our job but is intentional and integral to all that we do. We respect and value every customer who uses our facility. We would not otherwise exist or have a valuable business which helps contribute to the running of our amazing venue.
Praise God that we have started the New Year with so many major bookings! We are so blessed to have such great clients who would take the time to give us valuable feedback.
Please join me in praying into the next season of God’s provision when our wonderful and hardworking Annie Meyer goes on maternity leave at the beginning of June.

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