Faith At Work

The number of conversations I have had with our church family about the challenges of dealing with work is increasing. Whether it’s a horrible boss, or finding that sense of meaning, or finding that next job; perhaps some insights from our Work Sermon Series last year, may help put things into perspective? Here’s what we learnt…

The Christian faith gives you a new set of glasses (perspective). An understanding of work as: “the means by which God loves and cares for His world through us”. That is, God blesses the world around us (believer and non-believer), through our work. Paul says in Colossians 3:23:

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as if you are working for God, not for human masters…”

There are three important implications of this:

1. It means all work, even the most menial tasks, has great value!
In our work we are God’s hands and fingers, sustaining and caring for His world.

2. It means one of the main ways to please God in our work is simply to do your work well. Some have called this “the ministry of competence.” What patients need first from a surgeon is not a sermon, but a successful operation!

3. It means, the Christian faith gives us a new world-and-life view that shapes the character of our work. All well-done work that serves the good of all human beings pleases God.
Bringing these things together, could you begin to see your work not as just a way to earn money, or to advance yourself, but to truly love and serve your neighbour for God?

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