Do we matter?//

Over the last few weeks at a couple of our men’s gatherings and catch-ups we have been exploring the question, do I matter? This question has exploded into a series of sub-questions all trying to get the heart of whether or not our lives actually matter.

Questions such as: does one first have a faith and then believe that they matter, or do we believe that we matter first and thus develop a faith? It was my understanding that we require a faith to be able to believe we matter, but to my shock, this was not the case for a couple of the Christian guys who were part of the discussion. They felt that they and their lives don’t matter in the vast picture. I can believe this because I too felt this way a few years back. Life felt meaningless even though I was a “Christian” and, as a result, living or dying was insignificant in the big scheme of things.

Based on this thought pattern is it any wonder so many of us suffer from poor self-esteem? It’s one of the reasons we can hear the gospel being preached every week and still leave depressed and helpless. We have not fully understood and internalised the truth of the Gospel to the point that we feel it and see it worked out in how we live our lives. If we want to see more people come to know Jesus, then we must first encounter Him ourselves – where the good news moves from information that we know in our heads to a revelation that we understand in our hearts. From that revelation, purpose, joy, satisfaction and love can flow out of us, and it is only then that the world will come to us to enquire about the life that flows from within us.

Do you matter? I believe Jesus answered that question at the cross. You are worth dying for and so the answer to that question is “yes”.

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