“Do for one,…”//

“Do for one, what you wish you could do for everyone”

I mentioned this principle from a leader named Andy Stanley in week one of this series.

To combat under-reacting, we must remind ourselves to “DO FOR ONE” like we wish we could do to everyone.

There are three ways to think about this principle:

1. Go long term, vs. short term. If you really want to help someone like you wish you’d help everyone, GO LONG.

One of the reasons Northside partners with only one mission organisation like CSM in Madagascar is we want to go long. We want to keep sending people to the same villages in “Soav” year after year. We wish we could go to every country and village but we can’t, so we go long.

2. Go deep vs. wide.  You need to go deep with the one. Develop one person spiritually over time. Befriend someone with questions for the long haul.

3. Give time AND money.  Lastly, we’ll learn this from the story Jesus tells today. lf you want to make this principle real in your life, you need to give time AND money.  For some of us, it’s easy to write a cheque and not give time. Others of us, we know it’s easier to give time than money. Real heart change occurs when we do both!

So the question is “Who’s your one?”
• Who is one person you can develop spiritually?
• Who is the one person I can give and walk with financially?
• Who is the one child you can help?
• What is the one meal you can pack for the starving?
• What is the one mission organisation you can partner with?
• Who is the one child you can sponsor?

Maybe we’ll find that the smallness of “the one” individually becomes glorious when we see our contribution corporately.