Developing a ‘sentness’ mindset//

In our recent series WikiChurch and current connect group program, EvangelismSHIFT, Sam and the leadership team have asked the question, “what if we could equip 400 neighbourhood missionaries to reach our family, friends and neighbourhoods with the life changing reality of Jesus?”

This bold vision focuses on developing a mind-set of ‘sentness’ which translates to seeing our everyday environments as witnessing opportunities. When I first started the journey last year I was sceptical as I felt the program was a little forced and unnatural however as I have journeyed through EvangelismSHIFT I have noticed a drastic change in the way I think about and do evangelism.

The idea of ‘sentness’ has taught me to look for opportunities in my everyday life. People are desperate for a touch from God and what I have realised is that God has sent us to bring heaven to every place we see hell.

I recently witnessed this shift in my mind-set at Fitness First just the other day. I have been attending a class every Wednesday for the last few weeks and begun making friends with the trainer who leads the class. Last week he mentioned to me that I must make sure I come to the next 2 classes as they will be his last. Through asking a series of questions as to why he is finishing it has lead him down the path of opening up about some deep personal struggles he is facing and has to work through. Having experienced similar issues myself, the idea of sentness prompted me to set up a catch up to hear more about his story and see how God can use me to play a small part in his salvation story. Seeing salvation as a journey rather than a destination has taken the pressure off me to ‘convert’ him and simply help him take the next step.

There are people that only you can reach and God is sending each of us to take his Gospel of love and reconciliation to them. How can you respond to his call today?

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