Constellations of fireflies//

God has blessed us as a church to be spread out across the wide expanse of Sydney. From north to south, east to west, we are hearing stories of Northsiders shining like fireflies so that He might be glorified and people in our lives might experience life in Him.

I wish there was a collective noun for ‘fireflies’. You have a pack of wolves, a pride of lions, and a gaggle of geese. But fireflies? I like ‘constellation’.

We shine brighter together in community. When, through the Spirit’s power, we point each other to Jesus, strengthen one another and serve others together, His light burns more brightly in our lives and our neighbourhoods. We shine brighter as constellations.

On Tuesday, 21 of our connection group leaders gathered for dinner to celebrate what God is doing in our groups, encourage one another, envision the future and pray together. It was an encouraging evening and I’m excited about how God is using our connection groups to form our community into constellations of fireflies, spread out over Sydney to shine the light and hope of Jesus in our neighbourhoods.

We would love to invite you into one of these groups if you’re not already part of one. Firefly, shine your light as part of a constellation and there get to know Jesus better, be encouraged and learn to serve others in community. Simply chat to one of the team or email [email protected] to join in!