Connected in community//

For many of us the end of the financial year is a very busy, stressful time particularly in the workplace. It can be similar on the home front too. Relationship tension, financial worries and health concerns are added stressors that can drive you into a spiral of despair. At times it’s hard to navigate your way through the maze of difficult situations and find solace and strength to continue.

Did you know that being a part of community is vital to our wellbeing? Being connected in community can help give perspective and encouragement when the harsh realities of life set in.

Just recently, I have really appreciated connecting with women at Northside who were doing the “First 5 for 35 Days Devotional Challenge”. Over 90 women signed up using the online app or printed booklet to commit together to make a priority to give the first 5 minutes of our day to God.

Though many of us were not perfect at keeping on track 100% of the time, it helped us make a conscious effort to put ‘first things first’. Feedback received was that our women felt connected with each other in community. They loved the idea that they were ‘sharing the experience simultaneously’. They found a great source of encouragement from those who regularly posted their insights from the daily scripture readings.

Most importantly is how it made a noticeable difference to each day. When you’re connected in community, putting ‘first things first’, it changes your focus to that which is really important. It can change your current reality by giving you an eternal perspective!

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