Conference Ministry Update//

How wonderful it is to return to the Conference Ministry after a year of maternity leave. The last month has been full steam ahead. A month of cocktails, AGMS and team meetings. But even more importantly a time to re connect with our community. We have hosted one of Australia’s largest strata companies and also one of the largest privately owned construction companies. What a privilege it is to serve you, our congregation and most importantly God. It’s easy to wonder what this ‘conference ministry’ is all about sometimes, what do we do here the other 6 days a week? So here is some feedback to show you what YOU help support…
“I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to the employees of Northside that assisted in all areas on the evening.  From AV to catering and everything in between, I experienced nothing but fantastic customer service from your team.  This was reiterated to me on the night from our many clients in attendance and from our own Bright & Duggan employees.”  – Melissa
“Thank you for your professionalism, availability and personal assistance in organising the forum. As you all know the little details are often the most frustrating and working with the team at Northside made that all so much easier.”  – Bill
“This was the first year we have outsourced the venue and food service from our own office, and I have received nothing but positive feedback from everyone that attended. From the initial event planning with the Marketing team, the quality of the food and beverage service, right through to the staging and general function hosting on the evening, the standard was exceptional and of a high quality.”  – Mark
“Everyone raved about the venue, food and the quality of service we received, it was very much appreciated and I can’t thank you enough!”  – Jacklyn
Thank you for partnering with us, praying for and believing in us and cheering us on as we serve you in our Conference Ministry. To us this is not a job but a calling: a privilege to serve God and our community.