Come and See//

During this current sermon series Four Calls, we’ve been asking:

What if our strategy for reaching Sydney was the same strategy Jesus used to reach the world?

I’ve been challenged by Jesus’ ministry. When I look at His strategy, rarely did He preach a sermon series so to speak. Rarely did his formal sermons alone change who His followers were.

Instead, it was the constant, practical, relational and communal dynamic named Discipleship, that he called them to.

If that’s the case, then wouldn’t the first step in exploring His strategy be to undertake that radical experiment ourselves?

That’s why we’re asking you to “Come and See”.

On November 17, 7-9pm we will be hosting an evening with John North. There, John will outline an invitation for you to join a process we’re proposing he leads us through in 2016. A process, where a group of Northsiders (including our own Elders and team) will learn how to become “Fishers of People” (Matthew 4:18).

Those who play an active role across many areas of our church have already received a letter from myself and are presently considering joining us.

That call is now going out to those Northsiders who may also be feeling led to respond.

This step is not for everyone and that’s OK. We all sit in “different chairs” and this is Jesus’ call.

However, if what you are hearing is resonating with you and are sensing a call to something beyond these messages each Sunday, then simply “Come and See” what it is about on November 17.

Signup sheets are at the information desk or email [email protected]. It may well be the way Jesus is shifting you from your chair in 2016.