Come and see//

As a part of our WikiChurch adventure this year, I’ve been trying to be more intentional in sharing with my unchurched friends.

Ironically, in one of the funny ways that God can work, one of these friends has ended up in a community mums’ group with another Northsider.

Having made the connection to church, my friend reflected on her last visit here: She said

“I’m not religious, but after I went to Northside I turned my husband and asked – can’t we just hang out and be a part of this community? He said, I’m not sure it works that way honey.”

Well, that’s exactly how it works…

As we had towards Easter, I’m reminded of my trip to Israel a couple years ago. Standing on the sea of Galilee I noticed the distinct lack of buildings and infrastructure there, even 2000 years after the stories of Jesus we hear.

It reminded me, that the primary method by which the life changing message of Jesus was communicated, was not through technology or social media, but by people saying to people simply “come and see”. In other words, “I know you’re not religious, but just come and hang out with our community.”

As we had towards Easter, who can you invite to simply “come and see”? To simply come and hang out with our community?

Now that doesn’t have to be a worship gathering. It may be a connection group social night, informal dinner with church friends or just an opportunity to cross the inevitable circles we have between work and church friends.

One thing we are seeing, is that there is something about what God is doing amongst us, that is attractive to even in the most non-religious person.

Remember God has sent you into your part of the world, alongside people He wants to connect with in order to extend that invitation. Who could you be intentional with this Easter season?

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