Can You Help??

A new year presents a great opportunity to consider the various ways we serve. Sometimes we gravitate to our areas of gifting and experience, other times we take the step to try something new. From Beyond Northside, Youth & Children’s ministries, leadership roles through to serving on the coffee or dinner teams, there is no shortage of opportunities to get involved in the life of our church. Being Northside’s Worship Pastor and in light of above, I thought it appropriate to put out a shameless plug for our Creative Ministries!

Our Worship and Creative Arts Ministry is the main ministry area that supports our worship services. It includes musicians, production, drama and dance. In addition there is a whole team of volunteers who serve in a variety of ways from concierge, welcoming, setting up for communion, resetting the auditorium and so forth. As many of these roles are unseen it’s possible for most people to be unaware just how much goes into preparing our Sunday services.

I always remember hearing “many hands make light work” growing up and this simple statement couldn’t be more accurate. When considering the ways you could be involved this year I’d like to encourage you to think and pray about where God might be leading you. It might be an area you least expected or perhaps a role you’ve been apprehensive about putting your hand up for. An example would be our technical team, that even by the nature of it’s name can be daunting to people – however over the years we’ve trained many people to excel in this ministry.

If you haven’t taken a “Partner With Us” card yet in 2014, can I please urge you to pick one up today. The Ministry Team would love to hear from you if you have any questions about the various ministry areas at Northside and how you could be involved