What happened behind the scenes today?//

From as early as 7am this morning we’ve had people in this venue preparing for the events that are to unfold today. Even before today much has happened; the obvious being a lot of prayer, planning and preparation. Some people may know the many hours that go into writing a sermon, likewise the countless hours of rehearsals and practice for the music that will be played.

There are also a team of people who have worked hard behind the scenes to prepare communion, set up chairs and tables, morning tea or dinner and the list goes on. What you may not know is how the technical side of things work, to ensure preachers and musicians can be heard, words and content are displayed on screens, lights change seamlessly as the service unfolds and so on.

At Northside we have an important role – a Service Coordinator. In other settings this person may be referred to as a producer, production manager, director or stage manager. The Service Coordinator is responsible for ensuring Worship Services run smoothly – from what you see on stage to technical elements and various operations behind the scenes.

The way the Service Coordinator achieves this is by leading a highly dedicated and hard working team who are willing to give of their time to bless our church. There is not a wait list for people to join this team. In fact we are always keen to hear from new people willing to help out. Please join with me in thanking the technical crew and other teams who are serving us today and every week – many of them are unseen but I can assure you they are busy at work.

Furthermore, if you would be willing to chat about the possibility of helping out this wonderful team of people please contact me. I’d love to answer any questions or explain ways you can serve in this ministry. I hope to hear from you soon!

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