Behind the Scenes of WCA

When I first started coming to Northside about 10 years ago I was aware of Northside’s reputation of producing quality music. As it turned out, my friend brought me along to Northside because members of Idea of North were attending this church at the time and we were both big fans of the vocal group (and still are!).

Over the years I’ve been asked many times what it is like to oversee such an extraordinary team of talented and servant-hearted individuals. People have also been interested in knowing just what happens behind the scenes of our Worship & Creative Arts ministry (WCA). It’s a multifaceted ministry, involving people who serve as vocalists, instrumentalists, technical operators, service coordinators (those who oversee the services), phenomenal actors and highly talented dancers. On a weekly basis many hard working individuals attend mid-week rehearsals, practice many hours
in preparation for services and typically are the first to arrive on a Sunday and the last to leave.

When I came on board at Northside as your Worship Pastor I wasn’t looking for simply the most talented people to be involved. I was looking for people with a love for God and for service. It’s no secret that we place an emphasis on excellence and stewardship – that is doing the very best with that which God has given us (in this instance the gifts we have), however talent doesn’t outweigh
. A healthy balance of the two is what I look for in WCA members. My belief is people can learn to be better musicians or technician but character
development is a much more complex task! Suffice it to say, here at Northside we have a wonderful group of people who serve our church faithfully week after week with their gifts. They aren’t looking for accolades or rewards; they simply want to bless our church. The best part of my role is seeing their heart for God and the extraordinary love for His church. We are blessed to have such a tremendous WCA ministry and although music, volume, lighting and slides are subjective (we certainly don’t profess to get it right every time) we do strive to give our best and to be a blessing to you.

Please join me in thanking our hard working team who serve us so faithfully.

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