Beautiful to a busy city//

If you’ve been around Northside for a while you’ve probably heard this question: what if we could equip 400 neighborhood missionaries? What if we shone like fireflies, living lives that bear witness to the goodness and beauty of God?

I think we’d be beautiful to a busy city because the good and beautiful God who dwells within us is on a mission to transform our city through His presence in our lives.

You may know that most of our church gets together in mid-week connection groups in homes across Sydney. In these groups, we’re half-way through something called WikiChurch (our adventure as a church for 2017), learning in community what it looks like to live lives that display the life-changing, city-changing goodness and beauty of God.

Some of our growth as Jesus’ followers this year has come from the teaching, and some of it has come from wrestling with that teaching! What’s been clear is that the One whose light and love burns brightly within us is continually shaping us into a community that shines for the sake of others.

Northsiders across the generations are displaying tremendous courage and love in experimenting with what this looks like. Whether it be resolving to strike up conversations with people at the bus stop, helping neighbours with practical needs, spending time with colleagues outside of work, praying regularly for family and colleagues, getting people together for a meal in a struggling local restaurant, or dreaming up ways to provide a meaningful experience of ‘home’ for others through hospitality – it’s clear that God is shining bright.

It’s wonderful to watch our connection groups transform into constellations of fireflies who shine bright together, beautiful to a busy city.

We’d absolutely love you to be part of a group if you’re not already. Leave your details at the info desk or at and we’ll be in touch.

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