I love that scene from the “Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe”, the classic C.S Lewis novel, where Lucy slips through the Wardrobe into a mind boggling wonderland called Narnia. Initially she has to battle the unbelief of her older siblings, but eventually they too step through to the other side to experience the wonder of this “other world”.

Baptism is much the same.

It is not the achievement of a certain level of Christian competency, nor is it just a religious tradition.

Rather, in the “spiritual sense”, it is about moving through to Narnia or as we say theologically, The Kingdom of God. A new world of adventure, where our identity is no longer that of just “ordinary boys and girls”, rather it is that of princesses and princes, of a Kingdom beyond our imagination.
Many of us here at Northside have made a discovery like Lucy, and today we witness another four brothers go through “the wardrobe” that is Baptism. They are Stephen, William and Lachlan Clark in the 9AM service, and Graeme John in the 6PM.

For all of us who have been there, it is our responsibility to welcome them in and show the the ropes. If you yourself are yet to enter into the great adventure called the Christian life, then perhaps you might ask a Northsider today what it is all about?

Sam Haddon

Associate Pastor