Aslan Is On The Move…

That phrase was always one of my favourites from CS Lewis’ “The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe”.

Mr. Beaver was explaining to Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, that the true King of Narnia was on his way and they had been chosen to help him restore peace to the Land of Narnia.

The sense of anticipation was tangible…

I can’t help but feel the same way at the moment, when we look behind the scenes at our church.

In the past month we have seen three people who have been journeying with us, commit their lives to following Jesus. One as recently as last Sunday! People keep reflecting to me there is an exciting dynamic and atmosphere emerging in the AM service and more importantly we are seeing more and more Northsiders inviting family and friends to check out what Christianity is all about.

A number of parents from our Young Families are kick starting new ministry initiatives in order to keep everyone supported and connected. People who were just “checking out Northside” in their search for a new spiritual home have decided to just drop the search and feel at home already.

90+ Young Adults gathered this weekend at the Tops for their annual retreat.

Our Conference Centre ministry is seeing one of its busiest starts to the year in a long time.

That’s just to highlight a few things.

I can’t help but look at the past few months in our church and sense the same anticipation I had when I read that book for the first time.

Jesus, the true King is at work among us. Aslan is on the move…

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