And so it begins//

Our Wiki-church series has been challenging us all to see ourselves as neighbourhood missionaries. I don’t know about you, but the term missionary, particularly neighbourhood missionary, makes me think I have to put on my most comfortable pair of shoes and start door knocking the Good News to every neighbour on my street.

Thankfully, that is not what being a neighbourhood missionary is. As Sam said ‘someone who lives “open source Christianity” is someone who sees themselves as the primary contributor of God’s love into someone’s life’. It’s this time of year that we pause to reflect on the love of God given to us in the form of a baby in a manger.

Recently one of our Young Adults shared with me about how they had reconnected with an old friend they hadn’t seen in years. The pair decided to walk home together after work one night and as they were crossing the Harbour bridge this particular YA Northsider was able to hear more about the journey their friend had been on. Whilst they had made known they were a Christian, they didn’t jump at a chance to shove the good news of Jesus down their friend’s throat. Rather they saw their friend’s vulnerability as an opportunity to be “the primary contributor of God’s love” to them just by being someone who would listen.

Before us is a month filled with endless opportunities to contribute God’s love to someone’s world.

So use your work Christmas parties or the festive lunches with friends or the mad dash for those last minute gifts as an opportunity to practice “open-source
Christianity” and bring the love of God into a desperately seeking world.