All Wrapped Up

The holiday season is officially just around the corner, or depending on where you are, maybe it’s here! Family members are asking for my Christmas list, I spotted wreaths up
in Crows Nest this week, our neighbours popped some fairy lights on their tree the other day…

With everything going on around us it’s easier than ever to lose focus on why we celebrate this season at all. At Northside Kids we will spend the month talking about Generosity: making someone’s day by giving something away. When we realise how generous God has been to us, we want that to encourage us to be wrapped up in others. It’s too easy to be wrapped up in ourselves (or our things) and totally miss the whole point of this season. When we are generous there’s something about it that reflects the character of God to those around us. After all, everything we have is a gift from God but we know that God’s generosity has a purpose. God doesn’t give to us purely for ourselves, he gives generously hoping we will do the same for others.

Generosity has the potential to change us when we learn to give the way God does and our memory verse is a perfect reminder for us: “Be rich in good deeds … be generous and willing to share,” 1 Timothy 6:18.

It’s easy to think that our ability to be generous is based on whether we have capacity to give. But being rich isn’t defined by how much we have or how many presents we get. We’re not generous because we are rich, instead we are rich because we are generous.

What are you wrapped up in this Christmas? What would it look like to allow God’s generosity show up in your life this season?

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