A Wider Perspective//

 I have just returned from a recharging week at the Senior Minister’s Conference on the Central Coast. Realistically, it’s more of a special life group, comprising the Senior Pastors from our larger churches around the country. Here are some key “takeaways” I wanted to share with you:
1. The Significance of Children’s & Youth Ministry
12 of the 15 Pastors around the table made a commitment to follow Jesus BEFORE the age of 18. Those churches that had seen the most commitments last year had seen them in kids/youth ministries.2. The significance of Entrepreneurial Ministries for Connecting to the Community and Resourcing the Kingdom

Almost every other large church either is running, or is looking to a model of running income generating activities in order to resource ministry. Some are operating gyms, medical centres, playcentres or schools, not only as a resourcing tool, but also as a way to impact their local community.

It affirmed (particularly in light of Patricia’s article last week), that our Conference Centre is not just a means to ministry; it is one of our ministries in its own right.

3. The Significance of a Deep and Wide Community

Healthy larger churches are connecting with an increasingly “wide” range of people these days. However, in order to go wide, churches need to help each other go deep with their faith. When that happens, people no longer just come to church, they take the church with them into their world.

4. The Significance of God

Most exciting of all, was to hear the stories of the way God is moving in our churches across the country. In a time where Christians may feel like we are struggling, there was an overwhelming sense God is alive and active in our churches.

Be encouraged Northside. So much of what many aspire to see, is emerging in the life of our dynamic church.