A Week At Northside

It’s hard to picture what Northside Church looks like outside of Sundays if you haven’t seen just what happens behind the scenes on a regular basis. Having witnessed Northside grow and thrive these past nine years I thought it worthwhile to share just what I see during a typical week in the life of our church.

Coming off the back of a terrific Sunday last week our venue has been filled with a variety of different groups for completely different purposes – all serving our vision statement here at Northside. The Christianity Explained course facilitated a large number of people prior to Exchange on Tuesday night. Both groups learned from the scriptures and provided an opportunity for people to grow in their faith.

Members of the worship team gathered together for prayer, fellowship, teaching, discussion and musical development on Wednesday. The Northside Mums group connected for a great morning before the room was reset for Christian Meditation on Thursday. Later that evening a group of people were inspired by Graham as he continued the Communicate with Confidence course.
Our amazing youth ministry met together on Friday evening for a great night and Northside leaders gathered on Saturday for a time of prayer and planning for 2014 – this in addition to the eldership and staff meeting during the week at different times.

Whilst all this was happening our pastoral staff connected with people daily and our conference centre hosted corporate events for hundreds of people – showing professionalism, warmth and five star service. These are just some of the ways our church building is used for ministry on a regular basis, let alone all that happens outside our walls! Connection Groups meet all over Sydney every week and ministry is happening in a broad range of contexts.

Some of the most encouraging stories we hear involve what is happening within our community and how God is ministering through individuals. I’m reminded every week how much more there is to Northside Church than only what we see on Sundays – and we all play a vital part in this!

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