A Long Standing Partnership//

Today it is our pleasure to welcome Bobby Schuller of the Hour of Power Ministry to  speak at Northside.

What you may not be aware of, is that Bobby’s visit with us this morning is more than just an opportunity to hear from a guest speaker, rather it is another chapter in a long association between Northside and the Ministry of the Schuller Family over the years.

Northside’s connection to the Hour of Power ministry has spanned the three decades of our church’s history.

For example, a number of people have found a home here at Northside after being directed by the Australian ministry to this church. It would be at Northside they found a church family that also reflected the positive Christian message championed by Dr. Robert Schuller and the Hour of Power.

It’s also more than a coincidence,  all of Northside’s Senior Pastors have been significantly influenced by the leadership principles and ministry of Dr. Robert Schuller. In the instances of Jay Bacik and Graham Agnew, there were many visits to the Crystal Cathedral and Dr. Schuller’s school of leadership. In my instance, it was through the preaching and teaching from Dr. Schuller where I learnt my first Bible verse, and would pretend to be a preacher in front of the TV as a toddler.

To welcome Bobby today is an opportunity for Northside to reflect our gratitude back to him and his family for an incredible ministry that blesses us here in Australia. It’s also my hope that the Ministry partnership between the Hour of Power in Australia and Northside would continue in the same way that it did back then. That just like those in the past, followers of a TV ministry will always have the chance to find a positive an authentic church family and rewrite a similar story for a new generation of ministry.