30 Years of History//

T‌his weekend Northside celebrates 30 years of its history.

And what a significant celebration that is. My family joined Northside back in the early 90’s, and even as a child I was able to tell people – “All are welcome at my church.” I knew that no matter what your background, your denomination, your occupation – that you would be welcomed as warmly as the next person.

I remember having my cheeks pinched by Eric Leech. The warm hugs from Peter Pukk (which I still love today). The bouncy pony tail of Edwina Blair. The inspiring messages from Jay, and then from Graham… And don’t we all remember the music. Whether it was the jazzy tones from Sancha, the prowess on the piano from Tim Foot or Steve Wyatt and the range of instruments from the organ to the oboe.

Those were the good old days… even though my memories are from a child’s perspective – looking up at everyone. We have certainly seen significant change. Change in building. Change in leadership. Change in people.

What holds us together

Yet one thing has always remained the same and that is best reflected in our Churches of Christ creed: In the essentials – unity, in the non-essentials – liberty, and in all things – love.

And over the twenty or so years that I’ve been a part of Northside, love has been the thread through everything. Love for Jesus Christ who directs our steps. Love for each other and love for our community.

It is a privilege to have witnessed the progress of our church through the love and faithfulness of our people. And as we stand on the shoulders of what has gone before, we know the future will be bright as we continue to seek God first and keep on loving his church and his community.

“In their heart, a person plans their course, but the Lord determines their steps.” (Proverbs16:9)

So happy birthday Northside Community Church.  Here’s to another 30 years.