10 Things You May Not Know

This is not the comprehensive list but here is a selection of what we are seeing, as the real signs that God is alive and active in our church. Had to share it with you!
As we head into 2015, now is the time to be praying, thinking and acting on what part you’ll play in helping to achieve God’s vison for our church.

1. Decision for Christ: Someone who began
journeying with us late 2014, made a decision to follow Jesus after the PM message last week!
2. Connection Groups: 227 people have connected with a group in 2015.
3. Youth Ministry: is now regularly in contact with over 30 youth each week between our Friday and Sunday programs. Another 60 have irregular contact but some relationship with our Youth team.
4. Beyond Northside: Our Madagascar mission continues with a number of the 2014 team still ministering alongside our partner, CSM behind the scenes in Australia.
5. Sunday Worship: Our gatherings are as strong as they were this time last year. A sign of God’s grace through our leadership transition.
6. Ministry Interns: Northside has 6 interns for 2015 who are directly ministering for us across Children’s and Families, Connections, WCA, Youth and Young Adult ministries.
7. New Life Ministries: Courses covering Parenting, Marriage, Search for Life, and Divorce care are already underway, or will be this year.
8. Inside Northside: Our first for 2015 kicked off with 13 people across a mix of ages and walks of life. A great afternoon!
9. Checking out Christianity: At least 5 different people have made contact with us since January to say they are just exploring Christianity. They’re saying Northside is surprising their perception of what Christianity is about.
10. Vision 2015 and Beyond: The Elders and I met in January to continue discerning the next steps towards Northside’s future. More to be revealed
in 2015!

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